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Our NEXT Quarter initiative was created to highlight the successful post-career transitions of former NFL, NBA, WNBA, and International athletes. We aim to change the negative stereotypes of professional athletes and decrease the number of athletes that experience hardship in retirement. Our ultimate goal is to positively impact the next generation of athletes, by encouraging them to take full advantage of the opportunities provided by their sport to succeed in life.

We will publish a new NEXT Quarter interview bi-weekly. Please connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more information about our initiative. Help us change the conversation from ‘failures’ to ‘successes,’ so we can change the game!


    Businessman |Film Producer

    From inner-city Memphis,TN to the SEC to the NFL, Vince Moore learned how to use adversity as his fuel for success. Moore was one of three siblings to go from inner-city Memphis to the NFL, along with brothers Jeff Moore (Rams) and Steve Moore (Patriots). He used childhood circumstances that would have set many athletes back, to hone a skill set and cultivate the competitive drive all young athletes need to be great. Moore represents the best of what Memphis athletics and education has to offer! He made his name as a standout quarterback at Hillcrest High School, then he went on to play wide receiver at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. He was then drafted by the New England Patriots and went on to take the business world by storm. Not one to rest in his success, he has set his sights on the world of arts and entertainment. We sat down with him as he shared his journey with our readers. Read on!




    Most basketball athletes are used to making real-time adjustments on the court, but they struggle to make transitions in their lives. Justin Johnson is one former basketball player that has learned how to adapt to the twists and turns that come post-career and create a new path to live out his passion. In just a few months, the former Ole Miss Rebel has been able to parlay his small personal training startup into a trusted coaching business in one of the most exclusive zip codes in the United States. He has taken Beverly Hills by storm! By delivering a consistent and personalized service, Johnson has led youth basketball teams to championships and shaped young minds in the process. Basketball and training come naturally to him, and he does not take the trust and confidence of his clients’ families for granted. “I have become one of the family. I see these kids a few times every week,” Johnson shares warmly. Keep reading, as he weighs in on his transition from player to coach and the teaching power of basketball!



    11-Year International Athlete

    Many athletes overcome incredible adversity to enjoy successful professional careers. Former Oklahoma Sooner standout and 1998 NBA Draft 2nd Round Draft Pick, Corey Brewer, learned in childhood that hard work and focus were the two tools he’d need to beat the odds. After being selected to the Under-22 USA Basketball team in 1997, Brewer spent over a decade excelling in basketball internationally – with many crediting his success to his work ethic. Read on for his insight into the importance of a young athlete’s support system, professional team, and what’s missing in today’s athletic programs!


  • Tre’ Stallings

    Former NFL Player

    There are a lot of things that can be improved in the sports culture to provide more guidance for athletes. Despite the informational and personnel resources available at the collegiate and professional level, no program is more productive than all athletes holding themselves accountable for their own success. Tre’ Stallings, former Ole Miss Rebel and Kansas City Chief, always said that his past would not dictate his future. With the help of a great mentor, Stallings realized early on that he could hold no one more responsible for his education and success than himself. We are grateful he chose to share his experience and thoughts on financial education, mentorship, and taking initiative with our readers. Click the link below to read more of his wise words!




    In Part Two of DeArrius Howard’s interview, he spends a great deal of time discussing the importance of a professional athlete’s need to say NO – NO to their families, NO to their friends, and NO to themselves. Many young athletes that come into newfound wealth are not prepared to say NO to those who have given them so much. However, veteran and retired athletes alike have long commented on the need to stay focused on long-term financial security and independence for everyone. “First, if they truly have your best interest at heart, they will understand.” Wise words, D! Read Part Two here!


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