The Next Quarter

Our NEXT Quarter initiative was created to highlight the successful post-career transitions of former NFL, NBA, WNBA, and International athletes. We aim to change the negative stereotypes of professional athletes and decrease the number of athletes that experience hardship in retirement. Our ultimate goal is to positively impact the next generation of athletes, by encouraging them to take full advantage of the opportunities provided by their sport to succeed in life.

We will publish a new NEXT Quarter interview bi-weekly. Please connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more information about our initiative. Help us change the conversation from ‘failures’ to ‘successes,’ so we can change the game!

  • Stefanie Gilbreath & Briana Gilbreath Butler

    European & WNBA Athletes
    Sisters|Business Partners

    Some professional athletes struggle to determine what the NEXT Quarter of their lives will look like, while others find inspiration in unexpected places. Stefanie Gilbreath and Briana Gilbreath Butler knew that their professional basketball careers wouldn’t last forever, and a near family tragedy motivated them to find purpose in their pain. The charming and talented Gilbreath sisters have tackled most of life’s challenges together, and starting a business was no different. Keep reading to learn how the University of Southern California duo have used their WNBA and European basketball experiences to help them touch the lives of athletes around the world!


  • Charlie Anderson

    7-Year NFL Veteran

    The media, oftentimes, paints a picture of lavish lifestyles, legal troubles, and injuries when covering professional sports. However, there are plenty of athletes that have had quiet, but very successful careers, while never losing focus on what really matters. Former NFL Linebacker Charlie “Pap” Anderson is one athlete that has survived the rigors of professional football to build a comfortable life for himself and his family. He credits his success to God, his strong, family support system, and solid business advice. Read on to learn how Charlie used his incredible work ethic to leap from inner city Jackson, MS, to the football powerhouse Ole Miss Rebels, to Monday Night Football!


  • Yolanda Moore

    2x WNBA Champion
    Author | Coach | Speaker

    “You will win if you don’t quit!” -Yolanda Moore

    There aren’t many athletes that have overcome some of the obstacles that Yolanda Moore has endured during her sports journey. “Yo” has overcome academic struggles, a teen pregnancy, 5 knee surgeries, divorce, the loss of both parents, and post-career roadblocks. Being able to boast 2 WNBA Championships is a testament to her faith, work ethic, and determination. She shares her life experiences as an athlete to educate, empower, and teach aspiring athletes how to make the most of their sports opportunity. From Ole Miss to the WNBA, read more to learn how Yolanda went from being a teen mom to a world class athlete, and find out what she’s doing now!


  • latoya

    Meet the NEXT Quarter editor


    LaToya is the PR mastermind behind our NEXT Quarter success stories. She earned her degree in Journalism from the University of Memphis and has served as a publicist to several professional athletes, actors/actresses, musicians, and business owners. Contact her at for all media and press inquiries.

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