Our Edge

Our concept is superior to other marketers and business managers, because we focus on branding and developing the athlete and not just his or her athletic ability. The sports experience and professional insight of our core team helps us understand and connect with our clients, to assist them in becoming better citizens, better role models, and better businessmen.

Our Vision

We aim to change the negative perception of professional sports, by coaching each athlete off the court or field and providing a blueprint for long-term success. Ultimately, our strategies and processes will help our clients create powerful legacies that will positively impact the next generation of athletes.

Our Focus

We focus on establishing a solid professional foundation for each client, one that will benefit them now and later. By cultivating each athlete’s personal brand, public relations strategy, and business skills, we prepare our clients to capitalize on any professional opportunity.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of former collegiate and professional athletes, licensed financial professionals, former sports marketing directors, publicists, marketing consultants, and business professionals. Our first-hand experience and diverse expertise sets us apart from the rest.

What Our Clients Say