15 Year Euro-League Legend
Coach | Mentor | Businessman
April 3, 1974
West Memphis, AR
Murray State University (1992-96)
NBA, Euro-League

Career Highlights

  • 46th Pick of the 1996 NBA Draft
  • Inducted into the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame
  • Inducted into the West Memphis High School Hall of Fame
  • Inducted into the Murray State University Hall of Fame
  • #5 Jersey retired at Murray State University
  • 3x Lithuanian League All-Star (2008, 2010, 2011)
  • 2x LKL Champion (2008, 2011)
  • 2x Baltic Basketball League Champion (2008, 2011)
  • Baltic Basketball League Finals MVP (2010)
  • Lithuanian League Finals MVP (2008)
  • 2x All Euro-League Second Team (2003, 2005)
  • All Euro-League First Team (2004)
  • Turkish League MVP (2002)
  • French League Foreign Player’s MVP (2000)
  • 2x OVC Player of the Year (Murray State 1995, 1996)


  • Assistant Basketball Coach for West Memphis High School
  • Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc

Professional athletes play the game for one purpose – TO WIN. And Murray State alum’s Marcus Brown has done that many, many times over his 15-year sports career. The Euro-League basketball legend has achieved a level of success that most young athletes dream of, being touted as one of the top U.S. players to EVER play abroad. He has earned multiple championships, MVP accolades, All-Star nominations, and Hall of Fame inductions. The relentless pursuit of greatness displayed by the 1996 2nd round NBA Draft pick is a trait he hopes to pass on to future basketball players. Brown shares wisdom and advice with our readers to help the next generation of hoopsters succeed and “pay it forward.”

Like many young boys growing up in the shadows of sports giants, Marcus Brown dreamed of being a professional basketball player. Brown is a product of West Memphis, Arkansas – a town known for growing some of the best talent to ever play basketball, like Keith Lee and Michael Cage. However, even he had no clue how far his talent would take him. Brown is arguably one of the best American basketball players to ever play in the Euro-League. The Euro-League is the highest-level and most important professional basketball club competition in Europe, with FIBA-member teams from up to 18 countries. In fact, many NBA athletes compete in Euro-League.  As of today, Brown is the third-leading scorer in the entire history of the league and has scored more points than any other American since the 2000-01 season. With over 2,700 games played, his storied career allowed him to travel the world and see things he could only imagine. Brown retired in 2011 boasting Championship appearances in virtually every year of his career. While his talent took him there, his discipline and dedication kept him there. His story is a success story in every way, and we are happy to share his insight!

Brown: “When I was growing up, I just wanted to scratch the surface or touch the bubble of the level of achievement of the hometown heroes that came before me. I knew that if I worked hard, I would be high up somewhere in their ranks.”

TAN: “Your career is legendary in its own right. What about your upbringing prepared you for your journey?”

Brown: “When you come from a small town, a lot of emphasis is placed on hard work. My mother taught me to strive for greatness. I think the problem with a lot of young people these days is that they aren’t taught to strive for greatness because they fear failure. The guys that came before me opened the door. I HAD to walk through.”

TAN: “You have a wealth of experience to share with those who will come behind you as well.”

Brown: “I believe in paying it forward. I want to positively encourage the ones coming up now.”

TAN: “Your path was different from the beginning. Even your choice of college. What made you decide to attend Murray State?”

Brown: “The coach wanted to invest in me as a person. Everyone else was busy telling me how great I was, this coach was interested in me as a man. He offered me a chance at a free education and wanted to invest in my growth. That really moved me.”

TAN: “What was the hardest transition for you from playing on the collegiate level to professionally?”

Brown: “You have to be mentally strong. Your schedule is 3 times as packed. You literally have triple the number of games you must play. You must work on your speed and physical strength. Due to the added pressure, you are going to hit a wall at some point. This is when time management and mental fortitude become important. They become vital.”

TAN: “That’s a major life adjustment. Both on and off the court.”

Brown: “90 percent of the guys hit a wall. You are playing against veterans who have figured out what works for them. They know the formula and have replicated it consistently season after season. You must learn your winning formula. Fundamentals become most important. Focus is a necessity.”

TAN: “What advice regarding your career do you wish someone had told you at the very beginning?”

Brown: “Wow! That’s a great question. My story is very different from a lot of guys. I had a lot of support. I would say go all in for whatever you are attempting to accomplish. Because you must look at yourself in the mirror every day. Better yet; I would simply say, learn from your mistakes.”

TAN: “What do you do now in your retirement that you would like to share with our readers?”

Brown: “I am investing in my family. Spending time with my children and family. I coach high school basketball and try to invest in young people the way so many invested in me.”

We hope that Marcus’ example is one that many more athletes will follow to sow into our next generation of ball players!

-By LaToya Baker of The Athlete’s NeXus